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US-2007095132-A1: Starter motor apparatus and method for starter motor testing patent, US-2008231138-A1: Laminated core patent, US-2009025862-A1: Decorative elements provided with a circular or crimped configuration at point of sale or point of use patent, US-2010016891-A1: Heterogeneous yarns for surgical articles patent, US-2004225445-A1: Systems and methods for characterizing a biological condition or agent using selected gene expression profiles patent, US-2005028813-A1: Apparatus for the nasal or oral delivery of a medicament patent, CN-106771299-A: 测定固定污染源总有机碳的气体进样装置及其应用系统 patent, US-2005157099-A1: Ink refill unit having control information stored thereon to control the refilling process patent, US-2006053892-A1: Magnetically attracted inspecting apparatus and method using a fluid bearing patent, US-2006103901-A1: Printing control device, image processing device, printing device, printing control method, and program patent, US-2006147927-A1: High-sensitivity assays for pathogen detection using metal enhanced fluorescence patent, US-2006205486-A1: System and method for future value wagering patent, US-2006244265-A1: Wind turbine generator system patent, US-2006285395-A1: Addressing, command protocol, and electrical interface for non-volatile memories utilized in recording usage counts patent, US-2006285627-A1: Use of boron or enriched boron 10 in UO2 patent, US-2007049678-A1: Thermoplastic nanocomposite resin composite materials patent, US-2007214382-A1: Portable terminal patent, US-2007264968-A1: Location-Based Targeting patent, US-2008065153-A1: Surgical staple patent, US-2008246269-A1: Air chamber sports board patent, US-2008267387-A1: Method and apparatus for implementing call processing in packet telephony networks patent, US-2010020022-A1: Visual Feedback System For Touch Input Devices patent, US-2004116967-A1: Slow rise defibrillation waveforms to minimize stored energy for a pulse modulated circuit and maximize charge transfer to myocardial membrane patent, US-2004127285-A1: Entertainment device patent, US-2004195430-A1: Shock wave absorber patent, US-2005284312-A1: Foil look printing technique patent, US-2006080390-A1: Systems and methods enabling interoperability between network centric operation (NCO) environments patent, US-2006093149-A1: Certified deployment of applications on terminals patent, US-2006219843-A1: Furniture unit for a vehicle, especially an aircraft patent, US-2007119150-A1: Turbofan gas turbine engine with variable fan outlet guide vanes patent, US-2007133298-A1: Time-dependent compensation currents in non-volatile memory read operations patent, US-2007159550-A1: Digital Camera Module patent, US-2007270549-A1: Compositions comprising thioether-functional oligomeric polythiols patent, US-2007278298-A1: Reducing internal theft at a point of sale patent, US-2008179833-A1: Target game patent, US-2009199178-A1: Virtual Application Management patent, US-2009242609-A1: Vascular Puncture Closure Staple With Tip Protection patent, US-2004136141-A1: Transmission line capacitor patent, US-2004162566-A1: Epidermal sampling apparatus and method patent, US-2004223889-A1: Container assembly and method for making assembly patent, US-2005025339-A1: Electronic watermark detection apparatus and method patent, US-2005149046-A1: Repair of spinal annular defects and annulo-nucleoplasty regeneration patent, US-2006079950-A1: Cochlear endosteal electrode carrier member patent, US-2006082052-A1: Sheet feed roll patent, US-2006237608-A1: Universal equipment mount patent, US-2007026764-A1: Activity and storage case patent, US-2008104412-A1: Information processing device, information processing system, computer data signal, computer readable medium, and information processing method patent, US-2008127918-A1: Method for improving operation of an electrically operable mechanical valve patent, US-2009309313-A1: Sealing Body for a Cable Sleeve patent, US-2004057908-A1: Oral compositions and use thereof patent, US-2005149074-A1: Apparatus for endoscopic repair of the lower esophageal sphincter patent, US-2005209622-A1: Tissue removal probe with irrigation and aspiration ports patent, US-2006219956-A1: Device and method for generating characteristic radiation or energy patent, US-2006260096-A1: Hinge device patent, US-2007185530-A1: Patent foramen ovale closure method patent, US-2008034901-A1: Hazardous material detector for detecting hazardous material in a mailstream patent, US-2008092227-A1: Security For Network-Connected Vehicles and Other Network-Connected Processing Environments patent, US-2008256394-A1: Method and apparatus for testing media player software applications patent, US-2008263486-A1: Various methods and apparatuses for cycle accurate c-models of components patent, US-2009092062-A1: Critical resource notification system and interface device patent, US-2009217366-A1: Method For Implementing Unified Authentication patent, US-2009256614-A1: Apparatus and Method for Generating Clock Signal patent, US-2009325249-A1: Sequestration of formaldehyde to stabilize nitrilase specific activity when converting glycolonitrile to glycolic acid patent, US-2004025397-A1: Telescopic weapon aiming system patent, US-2004108376-A1: Personal digital account register patent, US-2006180733-A1: Transparent construction form patent, US-2006198496-A1: Method and apparatus of radiographic imaging with an energy beam tailored for a subject to be scanned patent, US-2007202788-A1: Open top meat skinning device patent, US-2007271867-A1: Refractory tiles for heat exchangers patent, US-2008042026-A1: Pegboard wall-plug storage system patent, US-2008054637-A1: Split ring assembly to lock a cam pipe coupling patent, US-2008077314-A1: Navigation device patent, US-2008127170-A1: Software installation and support patent, US-2008257197-A1: Guiding Magnet System and Magnetic Levitation Vehicle Equipped Therewith patent, US-2009273743-A1: Liquid Crystal Display and Television Receiver patent, US-2009294688-A1: Ultraviolet Radiation Treatment System patent, US-2004230646-A1: Systems and methods for discovering a public printing service patent, US-2005125908-A1: Physical and mechanical properties of fabrics by hydroentangling patent, US-2005247168-A1: Wrench with split ring patent, US-2006012512-A1: Circuit for multifrequency band radar level gauge patent, US-2008082245-A1: Virtual accelerometer patent, US-2008116733-A1: Monolithic dual-purpose trailer patent, US-2008137324-A1: Systems and/or devices for providing diffuse light patent, US-2009129381-A1: Method For Transmitting Data In a Telecommunications Network And Switch For Implementing Said Method patent, US-2009150196-A1: Systems, methods and computer program products for business transformation of business performance indicators patent, US-2009154292-A1: Magnetostrictive displacement transducer with suppression of switching power supply noise patent, US-2005017013-A1: Container for hot fill food packaging applications patent, US-2005091116-A1: Methods and systems for processing transactions for integrated credit and stored-value programs patent, US-2005279558-A1: Torque vectoring drive axle assembly patent, US-2006100586-A1: Tube attachment device for wound treatment patent, US-2007024913-A1: N-up display method and apparatus, and image forming device thereof patent, US-2007089756-A1: Magnetic force devices, systems, and methods for resisting tissue collapse within the pharyngeal conduit patent, US-2007207879-A1: Golf Balls having Two or More Core Layers Formed from HNP Compositions patent, US-2008035410-A1: Shift Control Device for Straddle-Type Vehicle, and Straddle-Type Vehicle patent, US-2008153947-A1: Methods and systems for fabricating fire retardant materials patent, US-2008226232-A1: Optical device with reduced temperature dependence patent, US-2005169005-A1: Lighting and/or indicating device equipped with a device for regulating the luminous flux for a halogen bulb patent, US-2006084257-A1: Dye sensitization photoelectric converter and process for fabricating the same patent, US-2007111830-A1: Ball retrieval device patent, US-2007161984-A1: Foot plate fixation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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