Method for producing detergent particle



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for producing low bulk density detergent particles having a good water infiltration into the particles on its use, excellent in easy dissolution property, especially suitable for hand washing, having a good particle flowing property, and also excellent in caking resistance in the preservation of the product, at a low cost, low bulk density detergent particles having such characteristics and a detergent composition containing the detergent particles. SOLUTION: The detergent particles are produced by performing a first granulation of powdery or granular solid detergent raw materials with a liquid detergent raw material, crushing the obtained first granulated material, then passing through a process of a second granulation of the crushed first granulated material with a liquid binder in a fluidized bed to obtain as having ≤600 g/L bulk density. Also the detergent particles contains a surfactant, and has a structure of cross-linking a powdery material with the liquid binder, and having ≥700 g/L bulk density and ≤200 μm mean particle diameter, and containing ≤5 wt. % content of particles having ≥1,000 mμ particle diameter. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】使用時に粒子内への浸水性がよく、易溶解性に優れ、特に手洗い洗濯に適し、粒子流動性が良好で、製品保存時の耐ケーキング性にも優れた低嵩密度の洗剤粒子を低コストで得ることができる製造方法、前記特性を有する低嵩密度の洗剤粒子及び該洗剤粒子を含有してなる洗剤組成物を提供すること。 【解決手段】粉末又は顆粒状の固体洗剤原料を液体洗剤原料で一次造粒し、得られた一次造粒物を粉砕した後に、該粉砕一次造粒物を液体バインダーにより流動層中で凝集させて二次造粒する工程を有する、嵩密度600 g/L以下の洗剤粒子の製造方法、界面活性剤を含有してなり、嵩密度700 g/L以上且つ平均粒径200 μm以下で且つ粒径が1000μmより大きい粒子の含有量が5 重量%以下となる粉体が液体バインダーで架橋した構造を有する、嵩密度600 g/L以下の洗剤粒子、並びに該洗剤粒子及び表面処理剤を含有してなる洗剤組成物。 【選択図】 なし




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