Board support device



【課題】部品点数を少なくしてコストの削減及び組み付け容易性の改善を図る。 【解決手段】不要な音を発生する音発生部品(13f〜13k)を実装した基板(13)を支持する基板支持装置において、前記基板の外周上の3点ないしはそれ以上の点にそれぞれ同一形状の弾性部品(14)を嵌め込み、前記基板を、該弾性部品を介してケースに弾性的に支持させる。音発生部品で発生した音が弾性部品によって阻止され、基板を収納するケースに伝達されないため、耳障りな音を抑制できるし、弾性部品を基板の固定点に嵌め込むだけでよいため、弾性部品の組み付け容易性を改善できる。しかも、各々の弾性部品は、一体成形で作られた単一の部品であるため、固定点の数をnとするとき、全部でn個の部品で済み、部品コストを削減できる。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a board support device the cost of which is reduced and the ease of assembling of which is improved by decreasing the number of components. SOLUTION: In the board support device for supporting a board (13) on which sound producing components (13f to 13k) for producing unnecessary sound are mounted, elastic components (14) of the same shape are respectively fitted to 3 points or over of an outer circumference of the board, and the board is elastically supported to a case via the elastic components. Since the sound produced by the sound producing components is blocked by the elastic components and not delivered to the case for containing the board, discordant sound can be suppressed and the ease of assembling performance of the elastic component can be enhanced by having only to fit each of the elastic components to the fixed points of the board. Further, since each elastic component is a single component manufactured by integrated molding, n-sets of the components in total are enough, wherein n is the number of the fixed points, resulting in that the component cost can be reduced. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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