Filling method of foamed heat insulating material



【課題】発泡断熱材を断熱筐体内に拡散させて、所謂未充填や、あるいはボイドの発生を防止する発泡断熱材の充填方法を提供する。 【解決手段】硬質ウレタンフォームからなる発泡断熱材が発泡機9から混合器10を介して外箱3と内箱4とからなる断熱筐体内に射出され、細かな気泡が発生する原液の状態時に混合器10内に設けられた切換弁を切換えて第三チューブ14から供給された高圧の乾燥窒素ガスをノズル11から断熱筐体内に噴射し拡散させることにより、断熱筐体内の隅々まで発泡断熱材が行き渡くようにする。 【選択図】 図4
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a filling method of a foamed heat insulating material for preventing the occurrence of the so-called unfilling or a void by diffusing the foamed heat insulating material in a heat insulating casing. SOLUTION: This foamed heat insulating material composed of hard urethane foam is injected into the heat insulating casing composed of an outer box 3 and an inner box 4 via a mixer 10 from a foaming machine 9; a directional control valve arranged in the mixer 10 is switched in a state of an undiluted solution for generating fine foam; high pressure dry nitrogen gas supplied from a third tube 14 is injected and diffused into the heat insulating casing from a nozzle 11; and the foamed heat insulating material is spread up to all the corners in the heat insulating casing. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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