Oscillating internally meshing planetary gear and geared motor with the same



【課題】駆動源を接続した状態においても大きな占有空間を必要とせず、特に、軸方向の長さを短縮でき、大径のホローシャフトを形成可能な揺動内接噛合型遊星歯車装置を得る。 【解決手段】内歯揺動体116A、116Bが外歯歯車118に対して揺動回転することにより入力軸104の回転を減速し、出力軸としての外歯歯車118より減速出力を取り出す揺動内接噛合型遊星歯車装置100において、内歯揺動体116A、116Bよりも半径方向外側位置に、外歯歯車118と並行に配置された中間軸108と、該中間軸108と前記入力軸104とを直交連結する直交歯車セット106とを備え、該入力軸104からの動力を、前記中間軸108を介して内歯揺動体116A、116Bに半径方向外側から入力する。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain an oscillating internally meshing planetary gear without occupying a large space even in a connection state of a drive source, in which the length in an axial direction can be shortened and a hollow shaft with a large diameter can be formed. SOLUTION: In the gear 100, internal tooth oscillating bodies 116A, 116B are oscillated and rotated relative to an external tooth gear 118 to reduce the rotational speed of an input shaft 104, and a speed reduction output is taken out from the external gear 118 as an output shaft. There provided an intermediate shaft 108 arranged in parallel with the external gear 118 in the outer side position from the oscillating bodies 116A, 116B in a radial direction, and a crossed gear set 106 cross-connecting the intermediate shaft 108 and the input shaft 104. Power from the input shaft 104 is input in the oscillating bodies 116A, 116B through the intermediate shaft 108 from outside in the radial direction. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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